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rugratslovers's Journal

A baby's gotta do what a baby's gotta do
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all grown up, alyssa carmichael, angelica pickles, arlene klasky, aunt miriam, aventuras en pañales, betty deville, cartoons, charlotte pickles, chaz finster, chuckie finster, crossover, dibujos animados, didi pickles, dil pickles, drew pickles, el abuelo lou, emica, fluffy, gabor csupo, grandpa lou, howard deville, kimi finster, kimi watanabe, kimi watanabe-finster, kira finster, klasky csupo, lil deville, lou pickles, lucy carmichael, lulu, mark mothersbaugh, más grandes y traviesos, nickelodeon, nickelodeon movies, nicktoons, paramount, paramount pictures, paul germain, phil & lil, phil and lil, phil deville, randy carmichael, rugrats, rugrats crecidos, rugrats go wild, rugrats in paris, spike, stu pickles, susie carmichael, taffy, the rugrats movie, the wild thornberrys, tommy pickles, twins phil & lil, twins phil and lil, tía miriam, videogames, videojuegos